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Recently I had the opportunity to try out the new Peterson Smoker Pucks. I used them smoking fish in my Smoker and on the Barbeque smoking a chicken. I can honestly say they will now be my "wood of choice" when smoking. First of all, Peterson Pucks are formed by pressure in a mold, so no binder is needed. This gives you a nice clean flavor and smell to your smoked product. Secondly, Peterson Pucks starts to smoke very quickly and burns hotter (cutting down on your smoking time) and reduces to very fine ash. You aren't left with a burned lump of charcoal.

One Peterson Puck will smoke for about an hour and a half, so there is no need to be refilling your chip pan every 30 minutes.

If you want a longer smoke, you can stack the pucks.

Because they burn hotter, they also cut your smoking time by up to a third. When first trying them, be sure to start checking your fish or meat after after two thirds of your normal smoking time. Since every smoker varies in temperature and therefore smoking time, there is no exact time to give. After you have tried it one time, you should have a good guide-line established for your smoker. In my Bradley smoker, (Model BTIS1) it cut my smoking time from eight hours to 5 hours. But, again every smoker will vary slightly.

When using Peterson Pucks on your barbeque, the pucks can be placed on the grill or under the grill. If you place the puck on the grill, I place it in a foil pan or lay it on a doubled piece of foil wrap so as to make clean-up very easy. Ignite your puck with a match.

If you have a Bradley smoker like I do, you will find that the Peterson Puck won't fit your feed tube. They are 1/8 inch too large. When using the Bradley Smoker, just place your Peterson Puck on the Bisquette Burner. If you wish to, you can stack them. Since the Bradley feeds a bisquette every 20 minutes this would be a waste of the Peterson Pucks, where a single puck will last through four or more cycles.

If you have the more commonly used smoker, i.e. the little chief, three pucks will fit nicely in your chip pan.

The chicken I cooked on the barbeque grill had great flavor (I used Alder Flavor) and the Coho I smoked (I used alder Flavor) in my Bradley Smoker was great.

This is a great way to smoke fish or meats. No open bags of chips laying around, just slip a puck on the grill and end up with a nice smoky flavor.

Click here for Peterson Puck Flavors and availability at Dealer Locations.



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