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[ Current Fishing reports ]

Salmon University is always looking for reliable sources for fishing reports. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in providing on-going fishing reports in a given area, please click here.

This is where you can find out the current fishing conditions in different areas around the Northwest.

IMPORTANT – ALWAYS check the most current regulations before you go out.
For the most recent updates to Washington regulations, click here.
For the most recent updates to British Columbia regulations, click here.

To find out how to fish a particular area, click on the area name.



 Click for the latest Ocean Creel Reports

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Ilwaco (Marine 1):

September 30, 2014

No report this week

 Gourmet Fishing – Sea to Plate™
Anthony Warren
Team “Bad to the Bone”
CCA Member & PSA Sno-King Member


No report this week

Steve Burress
Pacific Salmon Charters


Westport (Marine 2):

September 30, 2014

Marine Area 2 is done for the year, but what a season it was. Over 22,000 Chinook and over 55,000 Coho were caught in the waters off Westport. Approximately 50,000 anglers participated in this fishery making this the best season in over 20 years. The forecasters nailed it!!! Thank you to all who came down and fished.

This past weekend was the 3rd Annual Salmon Tales Festival. It was a fun time for all.  I represented Salmon U as a Judge in the Smoked Salmon Contest and that was no easy task. There were both Amateur and Professional Categories. A lot of good smoked salmon was entered. If you missed it this year look for it next year near the last weekend in September. Here we are Judging away and the winning entry

Bottom fishing continues with a few boats running trips for a few more weeks. Tuna fishing is still happening with some good trips and some so-so trips. There are a few spots on Charters still, so call around or call me and I will point you toward a few I know. Same with bottom fish trips. Stock up for the winter.

Clamming tides have been posted for the area through the end of 2014 and it looks like about every other weekend. This is a fun time when the weather cooperates.

Have Fun, Be safe, and we will see you in Westport

Reports submitted by Kevin Lanier,VP PSA State Board, Owner MV Fishin' Luhrs and KC Sportfishing; Photography by Cyndi Lanier, Owner Dockside Art Studio, Westport, WA 425-328-8558


Albacore tuna fishing is at the top of the charts right now and by the looks of
it will stay strong for another month.  The live bait bite is wide open!!! 
We are seeing a lot of tuna take the bait right off the boat!!!

The troll bite is slow so watch those electronics closely and go to live bait
when you see marks. 

This is one fishery YOU MUST SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!  Open dates in October. Please inquire. 

Mark Coleman - Guide/Owner, All Rivers & Saltwater Charters, www.allwashingtonfishing.com  425-736-8920


No report this week


Zac Koehn, Owner, Chinookie Custom Rods in Mountlake Terrace, WA, (916) 402-7969   Chinookie Custom Rods


La Push (Marine Area 3 & Forks):

September 30, 2014


La Push bubble fishery open through the 12th of October for Kings and Coho.  There are some nice bright ones like the one landed by Always Charters at the can right at the mouth of the Quileute River.  Chartreuse deep six, fish flash and a cut plug green label herring has been a top offering for both the Kings and Coho.

The Coho have to be clipped in the late fishery. Make sure to check your
pamphlets before going to the water.

Also those going to fish salmon at the Hoh and Quileute Rivers. When in Olympic National Park, no retention of wild salmon allowed in the Park strip. The fishing has been lights out since last weeks rains.  Mepps Flying C's, Blue Fox Spinners in 3,4s in pinks,flames,and blues being top colors. Twitching jigs and hoochies will be a go to as the Coho set up in holes up river. 3/8 ounce heads with purple, black ,blue, pink and orange body's will get them. The Hoh will fish well when the visibility comes back.

Gary Grahn, Olympic Anglers Guides and Charters, Riverview RV Park, (360) 640-4820; olympicanglers.com; olympicanglers@centurylink.net


Neah Bay (Marine Area 4):

September 30, 2014

No report this week

Sekiu (Marine Area 5):

September 30, 2014



We had another great week of fishing in area 5 out of Sekiu. Limits of nice sized Coho could be found from 250- 600 feet of water. Unlike the past few weeks though, most of our fish were coming a little deeper on the wire, 75-95 feet produced the best for us.

Although we have pulled out of Sekiu for the year it will remain open through October for hatchery Coho and Chinook. There could be some BIG coho to be had during this late season. Good luck out there!


Allan Palmerson, Clear Cut Outdoors - Guided Saltwater Charters and Taxidermy,  360-470-6078 


Marine Area 6:

September 30, 2014

No report this week

Submitted by Crabaholic, Rick Derrick, Sequim, WA

Marine Area 7:

September 30, 2014

Ahh, October. It's one of my favorite months. Deer in the fields, football on the fields, Coho in the salt, and runnin' up the rivers. September ended up pretty good. We got one last whack at unclipped Chinook this past weekend. Remember, this year in MA 7, no retention of unclipped Kings or Coho starting Oct. 1st. Winter Crab is now open 7 days a week. Check the WDFW regs for more info. It's a great time of year in the Islands, with a month left for fishing.

I got slammed off the 'rigger by a hot fish last week that put up a heckuva fight. I had 160' of cable out, so figgur'd 'twas a big Kang. Made some big surface runs. When I got it up close to the boat, it was bright, but had what looked like faint Tiger stripes on its sides...WTH? Sure 'nuf, it was a Chum of about 20lbs. Canines like a Schnauzer.Looks like you can retain Chumlee's beginning Oct. 1st. Hey neighbor I don't like, want some fresh Salmon?! These rains have brought the Coho in. Sunday, we got into a hot bite. Seems like the grade is smaller up here this year, just like down Sound. Hopefully we'll see a shot of bigger Silvers come through.

This 27lb White Fraser brute fell to a Hootchie. And, yeah, it's actually 26.8lbs, weighed on a new scale. Funny how camera angle, and the way a fish is being held can make it look bigger or smaller. This is, of course, taken from a longer distance away that most pics. Some tourists were nice enough to take the picture. Of course, they thought it was a wee bit bigger than it actually was. The North American Free Range Tourist's, also known as Meanderthal's, have almost finished their migration. We are very happy to have them, and of course, can't live without the boost to the local economy. It's fun to talk to people who have no knowledge of our area, and enlighten them about Salmon. I cut them a tail end chunk, sent them off with a great dinner for the evening, and a story to tell. That night, we had BBQ'd Bellies and Collars. Tastes like eating a stick of butter that's actually good for you.

Frank Guard caught this Chinook on a Silver Horde White Lightnin' Coho Killer. Those things just flat out fish.

We landed on some pretty good crabbing the last weekend of the Summer season. Made for a good Sunday feast. Winter Crabbing reopens October 1st, and runs through December 31st. Nothing like Holiday crabbies!


Submitted by Kevin Klein, Fidalgo-SanJuan Islands Chapter PSA , CCA Northsound

Marine Area 8.1:

September 30, 2014


No report this week

Gary Krein
All Star Fishing Charters
425-252-4188 office

Marine Area 8.2:

September 30, 2014


Open For Coho Salmon

No report this week

Gary Krein
All Star Fishing Charters
425-252-4188 office


Marine Area 9:

September 30, 2014

"IT IS NOT OVER YET!" screamed the reports over the VHF this past weekend.  Solid catches of great Coho action all over Area 9 and 10 rolled in.  The fish seem to be getting bigger as they fill their bellies soon to swim up the rivers surrounding Puget Sound.  It is mostly an early morning or evening bite for the best action.  We have switched over to the F4 Metal Piscator flashers to wake up that "aggressor" bite of these high flyers.
Don't give up yet !  Get out on the water and catch a Fall BBQ party for your family !

PSA Sno-King Member Derek "Drunkensasquatch" got his Dad, Aunt, and Grampa (89 !) into some great Coho action out of Edmonds.  A true "family affair" !

See you on the water,

 Submitted by Nelson "Spud" Goodsell,  FISHTALE 2, PSA Sno-King Chapter, IGFA Lifetime Member

Open for Coho Salmon

No report this week

Gary Krein
All Star Fishing Charters
425-252-4188 office


No report this week


Zac Koehn, Owner, Chinookie Custom Rods in Mountlake Terrace, WA, (916) 402-7969   Chinookie Custom Rods

Seattle area (Marine Area 10):

September 30, 2014

No report this week


Matt McCulloch , www.tyeecharters.net , (206)799-2530


Open for Coho Salmon.

No report this week

Gary Krein
All Star Fishing Charters
425-252-4188 office


 Marine Area 11:

September 30, 2014

This week in Area 11,  there were very few Coho counted. In area 10 on the other hand, on Sunday there were 200 counted. Some of these could have been headed towards 11 but I have my doubts, as the counts through the windows at the locks remain very good. The Coho seem to be coming in waves as one day is ok and the next day nothing. The change in weather is driving Coho home.

For more information, call Tom Pollack, Sportco in Fife, 253-922-2222

The salmon fishing is fair for immature Chinook.  The local fishermen have been mostly trolling flasher and artificial squid, spoons and bait in 120' to 160' of
water and about 10' off of bottom from the slag all the way to the Clay Banks
area mostly on the outgoing tide.

Ron Larkin with a 7 pound blackmouth trolling the bottom with a Coho killer in front of the Promenade area at Point Defiance in 12-160 feet of water.

The fishermen mooching with herring are also finding immature chinook at the
Clay banks area at the same depths.

The squid fishermen have been catching squid off of the area docks recently

Coho Salmon have been caught off Dash Point Park working the currents
from trolling 40-60 feet deep with flasher and herring or squid 

Fall Fishing Class for beginners - Ages 8+ Learn about fishing in local waters
for the novice angler. This class teaches knot tying, tackle, rigging, rods and
reels, techniques, regulations, and safety. Cost $10 Saturday Nov 15, 2014 from
10 am to 12 noon 

Point Defiance Marina Fall Swap Meet – Saturday, October 4, 2014 – For More Information Click Here

Point Defiance Marina, For more information contact:  Art Tachell, 253.591.5325  art@tacomaparks.com www.pointdefiancemarina.com

Hood Canal (Marine Area 12):

September 30, 2014

No reports this week


Marine Area 13:

September 30, 2014




Lake Washington:

September 30, 2014



No report this week


For more information, call Tom Pollack, Sportco in Fife, 253-922-2222

Columbia River, Vernita Bridge, Washington  
I just became refocused on King fishing, because last week I was at the Atomic Salmon Derby in Richland and watched many large “Upriver Brights” (URB’s) being weighed in.  Then I gave a report at it at the Save Our Fish Chapter of Puget Sound Anglers meeting last Thursday night.  After the meeting, fellow Chapter members Rob, Bob and I decided to make a trip to Vernita Bridge to fish for these awesome kings.  We chose this area to fish because of its short distance of 145 mile from our meeting place in North Bend and as it is Interstate most of the way, we were there in about 2 and a half hours.

The quarry for our trip were URB’s, which are King salmon that predominantly spawn at or above the Hanford Reach area of the Columbia.  These fish are known for their extremely large size, some reaching over 50 pounds!  Additionally, these Kings are extremely strong because they have to fight their way back up the Columbia all the way to their spawning grounds.  Genetically, they have adapted to this long journey from the ocean and while their skin colors up; their meat stays in prime shape into October.

While we had arrived a good hour before daylight, unfortunately we were not even close to being an “early bird” at one of the many gravel launches around the Vernita Bridge. We had a jet sled but due to our inexperience in the area, we ended losing an hours worth of fishing time while waiting in line to launch.  
This was our first trip to the “Bridge” and we learned several valuable lessons during the trip.  The first lesson was while there were long lines at the “main launches”, we later found several smaller launches where there was little or no waiting.  Also, one of the reasons for the lines is that this section of the Columbia River is extremely easy to navigate with a boat with a prop on it, so all sizes and types of boat were there.  However, the bigger “prop” boats had more difficulty launching due to the shallow incline of the gravel bar and their deep vee’s.  This slowed the launch process down.  However, once they were on the water, they had no problem and covered distances very quickly.

Another lesson that we were already aware of, was to park well back from the water’s edge.  This because the dam can discharge vast amounts of water very rapidly, raising the water level dramatically.

The next lesson made all the difference for the success of trip. Every successful angler has their own favorite gear and likes to use it.  However, sometimes you need to put that away and change to what works best in a given fishery.  In this case, we were fishing two rods off downriggers and one rod out the center of the back of boat.  My friends were fishing flashers and Brad’s Super Baits off the downriggers.  I was fishing the center rod off the back because I had my TICA line counter reel with me.

One of the many other anglers who caught an URB while using a Pro-Chip -11 flasher and a Brad’s Super Bait!

My friends were using their favorite Puget Sound colored flashers but were unsuccessful.  Earlier, I had explained to them that they really needed to use the Pro-Troll 11- inch Pro-Chip flasher with the Agitator Fin.  This is because the Agitator Fin allows you troll more slowly and still get a rotation.  However, apparently I did not do a very job of explaining this point because they still fished with their Puget Sound gear.  They thought that I was telling them that flashers rotated at a slower rate.  However, the point I was trying to make, was that the  Pro-Chip flasher with the Agitator Fin will rotate at speeds as slow as a mile an hour, while other flashers will only rotate at speeds at or above 1.8 MPH.

After a frustrating 90 minutes of watching many other anglers catch URB’s with Pro-Chip flashers, our team switched to these flashers.

Very shortly after the switch, Rob’s rod went down and after a difficult fight, we had our first URB in in the Boat!

A very happy Rob with our first URB!

When you figure it out and the bite is on, success after success often follows.  That was our story for the next 90 minutes.  Bob’s rod was the next one to go down and he also landed a very nice URB!

Smiling Bob with his fish.  Look at all the Pro-Chip flashers in the background.

Another lesson that we fortunately learned in advance, is that you have to have the right offering as well as the right flasher.  I believe the best bait for this area is Brad’s Original Super Bait.  It was developed especially for the Columbia River and it really worked for us.  Part of the reason that this lure works so well is that you open the lure and fill it with your choice of baits.  In our case it was canned tuna that was packed in oil, minced tuna bellies and salt.  Tip:  Refresh your bait often and you will be more successful!

“Killer Combination”:  Pro-Troll’s Pro-Chip Flasher and Brad’s Original Super Bait!

All of our fish came on the Chartruese Pro-Chip 11 flasher and the Hot Tamale or Hotter Tamale Brad’s Original Super Bait.  We tried other color combinations but that is what worked for us. However, many other anglers were successful using other color combinations.

My turn came very shortly in the form of 3 bites in very rapid succession.  I first had one fish for an about a minute and it came off.  Then Bob had one on but it broke his mainline.  He was fishing 40-pound braid but it was several years old.  Whether the line had weakened over time or it came in contact with our downrigger cable, we will never know.  But what we do know is that this hard fighting fish took off with our gear.  Also, it is better to be safe than sorry.  And to be on the safe side, we just “retired” Bob’s rod for the rest of our trip.  The prudent course of action is to periodically replace your mainline with a high quality line such as Fins Original PRT Braided line. 

My Tica Downrigger Rod with a Tica Seaspirit Line Counter Reel w/ 50 # FINS Braided line.

Then, before Bob could even put his rod down, my rod went it off again!  This fish was well hooked and it gave a good fight.  But it was a little smaller than the first two.  However, it was still a great fish.

One other lesson we learned is from the father and son fishing team at Rivers West Fishing Guide Service.  The son, Dan Sullivan is a “Pro-staffer” for Pro-Troll and he often does not use downriggers when fishing the Pro-Chip 11 flashers.  He instead uses sliding weight with a 2-foot “bumper between the weight stop and flasher.  To avoid tangles, the rods in the front of the boat have heavier weights than those in center and the back of boat.  It is the same arrangement that most people use at Buoy 10.  So if you do not have downriggers, give Dan’s method a try!

Submitted by Mark Gavin, Salmon University staff member and an active member of several Puget Sound Angler Chapters.


Lake Chelan:

September 30, 2014



What’s hot is trolling the Barrens and the Trench for Mackinaw on Lake Chelan.  We look for fish from 130 to 185 feet deep early in the mornings.  Later in the day, trolling tight to the bottom in depths of 185 to 245 feet is the ticket.   

As always, fish within 3 to 5 feet of the bottom and keep your speed around 1.2 mph.  Glow in the dark Smile Blades from Mack’s Lure are the go to attractor here on Lake Chelan.  Put those in front of a 3 to 4 inch squid rig, bait them with a piece of Northern Pikeminnow and scent everything with Pautzke’s Krill Juice to keep yourself consistently into the fish.  Worden Lures Flatfish in U20 and T4 are very effective in the LUCH and GPLF color patterns.  Also effective is Silver Horde’s Kingfisher Lite spoons. 

Your fishing tip of the week is to use a pair of ball bearing swivels when tying up your squid rig leaders.  Line twist is one of the primary enemies of anglers that ply the ultra-deep fishery of Lake Chelan.   

The kid’s tip of the week is to remember the Boy Scouts simple teaching technique of “tell, show and do” to help kids learn the skill sets necessary to become accomplished anglers.  Usually, all kids need to do to get over squeamishness is to get familiar with it.  Handling fish is one of those skills.  Tell them about what the fish feels like.  Let them know what can and can’t hurt them.  Then show them you handling the fish.  Then encourage them to handle the fish.  A recipe for success!  

The safety tip of the week is to make sure you have a ditch bag with the gear necessary to survive a sinking.  Flotation and a signaling device at a minimum are necessary.  If you are headed uplake have a bag with minimal overnight gear in the event of a breakdown.  It is remote up there…   Be safe!

Pictured above on 9/18/14, Taylor Wilson, Elie Aboulafia and Audrey Aboulafia of Seattle with their mornings catch of Lake Chelan Mackinaw.  They are accomplished anglers, having fished with us a number of times!

Pictured above on 9/19/14, Caroline and Craig O'Brine of Yakima with their catch of the day!


For more info call Anton & Sandra Jones of Darrell & Dad's Family Guide Service; darrellanddads.com; antonj@aol.com or call (509)687-0709 or toll free at (866)360-1523

Potholes Resevoir

September 30, 2014


Fishers on Pothole Reservoir are enjoying some of the best catching we have seen in decades, both bank fishing and especially boat fishing.  We are enjoying many anglers that we have not seen in over ten years, returning for the abundant yellow perch catches.  Serious perch anglers are not keeping perch unless they are at least 10 inches in length.  These are the classic JUMBO PERCH! 

Harry Simpson of Cle Elum has fished Potholes Reservoir for over 45 years.  Harry said that the fishing can not get much better than it is right now for Jumbo Perch on Potholes Reservoir. 

Crappie fishers at the MarDon Dock are having days with limits of crappie, most of which are between 10 and 12 inches.  Many 13 and 14 inch crappie are also being reported. 

Mason Meseberg enjoyed some evening fishing action last weekend. Here he shows a 12 inch crappie that was released. 

Quiet walleye anglers are being overwhelmed with the 25 inch plus walleye being caught from not only the edge of the sand dunes, Goose Island and especially the Medicare Beach Area. 

Bass fishers are repeatedly commenting on very strong, healthy largemouth and smallmouth bass, with and occasional 20 inch and longer bass.  With the ever changing aspects of Potholes Reservoir the simplest fishing techniques continue to provide the most enjoyment.  The slow death hook, beads, and Max Lure Smiley Blades combined with a night crawler have been producing everything that swims in the lake, except mermaids. 

The seep lakes below O’Sullivan Dam are taking a 2nd position to the catching action going on in Potholes Reservoir.  But these lakes, especially Soda, Long, and Crescent Lakes are experiencing the same successes.   Now the lakes on the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge remain open through the last day of September.  The 2 areas that deserve attention are Corral Lake (across the street from MarDon) and The Goose Lakes. 

The fall migration patterns have begun.  The sand hill cranes are routinely being seen in the Frenchman Hills and the Royal Slope Area.  Many other migratory birds are being seen daily in the Potholes Recreation Area and especially the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge.  This is a great time if you enjoy going out for a little bird watching.

Dove Hunters have only a few days to enjoy a very productive 2014 Dove Season.  And before long the October 11th Waterfowl Season will be upon us.  Take a look at the Meseberg Adventures Website to learn about guided and non-guided hunting options (www.ducktaxi.com).  Also, the Royal Youth Boosters are continuing to grow with a wonderful volunteer parent group.  The early waterfowl season is a great time to consider a cast and blast getaway.  As our fall patterns become more pronounced and weather cools, not only do we see incredible numbers of waterfowl coming to our area but also the walleye and bass bite improving as they instinctively feed heavily in preparation for the cold winter months. 

For more information please call the Tackle Shop at MarDon Resort (509) 346-2651 or visit mardonresort.com.

Submitted by Ron Harbin, Mardon Resort 8198 Hwy 262 SE, Othello, WA 99344  www.mardonresort.com  800-416-2736


River Reports

September 30, 2014


See Steelhead University



Mouth of the Cowlitz River, Longview, Washington  

On Monday, I was invited to fish with my friend Bob from Longview.  He is an expert fisherman and offered to share some of the finer points of fishing that has led to his many successful days on the water.  We were targeting hatchery Coho. He been doing extremely well but a storm came in.  With the change in barometric pressure, we only had 20 hits on our gear.  He considered it a tough day of fishing while I felt it was excellent day.  You can decide for yourself.

A bright hatchery Coho in the net.

The Coho we caught were in the 8 to 10 - pound range and extremely bright!  They also were extremely aggressive and acrobatic when hooked.  One even took the plug and charged the boat at such speed it looked like a torpedo coming at the boat just below the surface of the water.  It was really exciting to watch!  These fish are in prime shape and great to eat! 

Tasty Coho with vivid red meat!

This angler had difficulty standing, & he played his fish while sitting.  Note the calm waters.

The fishery is pretty easy and the mouth of the Cowlitz is protected from high East winds that often occur this time of year.  There were both big and small boats fishing here.  Some launched in Rainier, OR., while launched up the Cowlitz itself. 

In this fishery, you get both Cowlitz River fish and other Columbia River fish that come into the Cowlitz to enjoy it’s more oxygenated cooler water.   So, in addition to the Coho we caught, we also caught a couple of the large “Upriver Brights” (URB’s) which are King salmon that were likely heading for the Hanford Reach area of the Columbia. 

Bob is an expert in fishing the Brad’s Wigglers and that is what we fished most of the time.  He uses a rod with sensitive tips to watch the action of the plugs.  He also uses a line counter reel spooled with braid that has a “top shot” of 8 feet of fluorocarbon leader.  The thin line diameter is a key to getting the plugs down to where the fish are.  I gave him a spool of a FINS Original PRT Braid in moss green color to try.  It is 30 pound but only as the diameter of 8 pound mono and he liked it. 

The Brad’s Wigglers we used were the regular size and the Magnum sizes.  He changes the hook arrangement on these great lures.  The picture below shows how he uses a bead chain and siwash hook on the regular size Brad’s Wigglers.

Bob’s rig for a regular size Brad’s Wiggler. Note the bead chain and siwash hook.

He likes to troll at speeds from 1.8 to 2.2 MPH but is not afraid to change his speed.  He will often go quite fast when searching for fish and the Brad’s Wiggler still catches fish.

He is also not afraid to change colors.  He catches so many fish that he is confident in his plug selection. He is so confident that at one point he took off a plug that we had just caught two “unclipped” Coho on.  I questioned his logic because I like to stay with a winner.  He said that water color was changing and the new plug would work much better.  He also said that “we should get a bite any time now” and the rod instantly went down with the third keeper Coho of the day. Does Bob have clairvoyance or just think like a fish?  Again, you can decide for yourself.

Close-up of the “change-up” Brad’s Wiggler fulfilled Bob’s prediction.

Bob is also very knowledgeable with trolling spinners.  We put one out when the fishing was slow.  Brass with red highlights worked best.  A 5-foot leader and 18-inch dropper worked for us.  The key was keeping this rig close to the bottom.

Submitted by Mark Gavin, Salmon University staff member and an active member of several Puget Sound Angler Chapters.



No report this week

Mystical Legends Guide Service
Phil Stephens






September 30, 2014



No report this week


For more info, call Jeff or Jason at Bon Chovy Fishing Charters (604)763.5460 www.bonchovy.com email: info@bonchovy.com

Barkley Sound

September 30, 2014



Ucluelet, BC:

September 30, 2014

No report this week


For more info, call Sam Vandervalk, 877-777-4344 Salmon Eye Fishing Charters www.salmoneye.net


September 30, 2014



Salmon fishing is still going good with a few large Chinook and lots of Coho right near Bamfield. Fishing along the wall at 30-50 ft deep with anchovy or a 3.5 inch Cookies and Cream spoon behind purple/gold flasher is working well.
There are lots of Coho and feeder Chinook as well as a few large Chinook on the offshore banks.

Alex and Gang with a bunch of Coho and Chinook from the "Wall"

Alan and son with 35 & 32 pound Chinook taken at the "Wall", just minutes from the dock.

The Bamfield Tuna shootout just wrapped up this past Saturday. There were nearly 50 boats competing for a top prize of $10,000 dollars this year. Lots of small Albacore started off the week, with boats traveling 60 - 100nm offshore. Later in the week the warm waters moved closer and brought with it some larger fish. Good fishing was had by most of the fleet the last couple of days.

I fished aboard the Trophy Hunter with captain Jody Thomson and we managed second prize of $4000.00.

Trev and Jody with the last days catch.


For more info call Ken Bodaly at Rocky Point Charters, Bamfield, B.C. 250-728-3678 or the boat cell phone 250-735-4224 www.rockypointcharters.ca email rockypointcharters@shaw.ca

Alberni Inlet and Barcley Sound

September 30, 2014


We are now into the month of September and not only has there been some great salmon fishing in the Port Alberni and Pacific Rim regions but the weather is sensational with sunny skies and afternoon temperatures from seventy-five to eighty-five degrees farenheit. These temperatures have made fishing in Barkley Sound and offshore areas out of Ucluelet fairly comfortable and very summerlike for those anglers seeking the big late summer Chinook and the ample Coho found in many of the great fishing spots in the area.  The salmon are currently migrating to their natal rivers, streams and creeks which will create a fantastic fall fishing opportunity in the Stamp, Nahmint, and Sarita River systems.

The first few weeks of September not only includes great Chinook and Coho Salmon fishing but it is also the time of the biggest salmon derby.  The forty-third Port Alberni Labor Day Weekend fishing derby just wrapped up.  Over two to three thousand ticket entrants participated this year with local Port Alberni angler Ray Ursel winning the derby with a thirty-seven pound Chinook which he landed using anchovy in an army truck Rhys Davis Teaser Head on the Saturday morning of the long weekend at Wittlestone which is between the Bamfield Harbor and Cape Beale.  This big fish won Ursel and his group $15,000 for biggest fish of the day and also the prize money for biggest salmon of the derby.  On Sunday the largest Chinook salmon was hooked by Leon Kossabar.  The 25.9 pound salmon won him $5,000.  Bill Goorts of Port Alberni was Monday,s big winner of $5,000 with his 34 pound Chinook.  The biggest fish of each day was worth a cash prize of $5,000.00 while second place was $2,000.00 and third place winners each day won $1,000.00.  The derby also awards several hidden weight awards.

We are looking forward to some great salmon fishing during September.  Barkley Sound and areas close to Ucluelet, China Creek (in the Alberni Inlet), and Bamfield should have some great Chinook and Coho fishing.

Ashley landed this twenty-three pound Chinook in the Alberni Inlet using anchovy in a green haze teaser head.


Port Alberni Inlet
Barkley Sound

The fishing in the Inlet for Chinook and Coho got underway about mid August.  The salmon pushed into the Upper Inlet and Harbor Mouth areas quite quickly but really have not held for long periods of time.  Currently there is a good push of Chinook and Coho headed for the Somass and Stamp River systems and Robertson Creek Hatchery.  The best fishing is now taking place in the China Creek and McTush areas.  The Chinook and Coho from the beginning of the season until this date have been hitting anchovy in a variety of Rhys Davis Teaser Heads.  Army Truck, Green Haze and Purple Haze have been the best teaser heads.  The 0-15 and 16 and the AORL 12 were both working well for the first ten days of the season.  Currently those fisher persons using an mp 16 and also a dark green spaterback hootchie are having some success.  The salmon in the first half of the morning are found in the top forty feet of water with some of the biggest Chinook that are being landed found in the top twenty-five feet.  Most of the Chinook and Coho have been quite bright.  Most sport fisher persons are having the best success on Coho salmon and are having a couple of Chinook salmon hit most mornings.   Every other day there seems to be a new school of salmon moving into the Alberni Inlet that are almost chrome in color.  We are expecting the first half of September to continue to have some good salmon fishing.  Coho are becoming quite dominant for many anglers and guide guests to land.  The weather at this time of year can play a major role.  If early fall rains occur the Chinook and Coho will make their way into the Somass River very quickly which will deteriorate the Port Alberni Inlet fishing.  The weather for the next week is forecast as clear and sunny.

Robert of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing landed this thrity-four and a half pound Chinook using anchovy in the Alberni Inlet.  This fish was landed early in the season on Saturday August 16th

Barkley Sound salmon fishing has been quite consistent over the past few weeks.  Wittlestone, Cape Beale, Assets, and areas along the Bamfield Wall have been producing some great Chinook and Coho catches.  The salmon are running in the top fifty feet of water and are hitting bait in a Rhys Davis Army Truck and Green Haze Teaser Head.  A few hootchies, in green, mainly the spatter back and T Rex plus a few different four and five inch coyote spoons are also working.  The watermelon and cop car four inch coyote has been very prominent along the Bamfield wall for Coho.  Diplock and Pill Point have been off and on.  The Port Alberni salmon Derby had some excellent entrants from the Pill Point area as a few Chinook over thirty pounds were weighed in from this great location.  September salmon fishing in Barkley Sound can often be very good especially for big Coho that are making their way to their spawning grounds.  The Coho are still actively feeding in the sound and can often be swimming in shallower water.  Shortening leader lengths and trolling a little faster can result in better catches.  Weather change in September can often hurry the salmon along to their natal streams and creeks.  The long term forecast is looking extremely good.  

Benny landed this great Chinook salmon fishing with Doug of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing.  The Chinook landed on the fourth day of September hit an anchovy in a green haze teaser head along the Bamfield Wall close the Harbor Mouth


Sid from Calgary Alberta fished with Doug of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing.  Sid landed this salmon along the Bamfield Wall.  The twenty-six pound Chinook hit an anchovy is a army truck teaser head.  This Chinook was landed during the first week of September

West Coast fishing has been a little slower over the last week.  It seems some of the big Chinook that are coming to West Coast Vancouver Island areas are coming close to the beach.  Some fishermen are fishing the Red Can and Lighthouse which are both close to the Ucluelet Harbor and are having some success.  The big bank and Rats Nose continues to be very good for Coho and smaller Chinook.  The halibut fishing has also been fairly good up to Long Beach and the inner Lighthouse..  Halibut retention is now two per day.  South Bank and Long Beach over the last week have had some good fishing for Chinook in the high teens and low twenty pound range.  The fish are taking spoons from the four inch coyote to spoons up to six and seven inches.  White hootchies and also halloween and green spatterback are working quite well especially for Coho that are ranging from ten to sixteen pounds.  It should be noted that Coho limits offshore are only at two per day and must one hatchery and one wild. 

Somass-Stamp River

The salmon and steelhead fishing in the Stamp River in September and October will be fabulous.   The best fly fishing will occur from October the second week of October into November.

Salmon fishing got underway on the 26th of August on the Stamp River.  There has already been some excellent catches of bright Chinook and Coho.  The salmon should begin entering the system in very high numbers beginning the week of September 8th.  On the 10th of September water will be released from Elsei Lake which should really help pick the Stamp River fishing up.  The peak is usually sometime during the third week of this month.  Good Chinook and Coho fishing should continue into October.  October is often an excellent month for Coho and fall or summer Steelhead.  For good results anglers should use wool, spinners and spin n glows.   We are expecting some great returns of Chinook and Coho and with fairly high numbers of Steelhead already in the system there should be a fantastic fall fishery in the world famous Stamp River.  The best fly fishing opportunities begin around the 10th day of October.

For more information and/or reservations, call Doug Lindores at Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing (250) 723-2435; (250)724-2502; cell (250)731-7389 or 1-877-214-7206      www.catchsalmon.ca or www.catchsalmon-ca.com; dlindy@shaw.ca

OVERVIEW – Salmon fishing is FAIR to GOOD in most areas as the fish are heading towards their home rivers. Halibut fishing was EXCELLENT again this past weekend.

For the latest updates in DFO regulations go to http://www-ops2.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fns-sap/index-eng.cfm?pg=search_results&lang=en&ID=recreational&Year=2014


Sooke, BC:

September 30, 2014



Port Renfrew                                   September 30, 2014

Coho fishing has been HOT the last week out from the can buoy from 200-500 feet of water. Some nice sized fish from 8-14lbs are being caught, with the odd San Juan fish into the high teens. Coyote, Gibbs, and glow/green hoochies trolled behind green/silver, Gibbs STS flasher combos seem to be the ticket. Fish are being found from the surface down to 100 feet. Chinook fishing has slowed right down with the bit of rain we had. Seems like most fish were able to finally enter the river.

Sooke, BC                                         September 30, 2014


Salmon fishing was GOOD this past week. The coho numbers are still good. Anglers were having their best success out in the strait in 500 to 600 feet of water and near the US border. We heard that the boats out the farthest were producing the most coho. If you could locate a school, you would have action. Spring fishing has been slow and the most consistent spots were Sheringham Point, Muir Creek and Otter Point. The springs were mostly in the teens with the occasional larger fish. Some springs are being caught while fishing for coho on the tide lines. Choice of lures has stayed very similar to last week. Anchovies are working well with Blue Green Chrome and Bloody Nose teaser heads being good color choices. G-Force spoons in Irish Cream and Paddy Wagon have been catching their fair number of fish. The most popular flashers recently have been the Gibbs Madi, STS, Bon Chovy and the Ok’i Super Betsey.

Becher Bay                                       September 30, 2014

Salmon fishing has been FAIR in East Sooke. Very few springs are being caught, with the odd fish weighing in the teens to mid twenties. The best salmon fishing was near Secretary Island. Anglers have been catching the odd spring in close to shore between depths of 40 to 90 feet on the downrigger. Most of the salmon being caught now are coho. Successful anglers are going to 200 foot or more depths and fishing at 100-110 feet on the downriggers. If you go farther into the strait, close to the US border, the coho fishing has been hot. Most of the coho have been wild, unmarked fish. Most anglers are having their best results fishing anchovies. The most productive teaser heads for anchovies were the Blue Green Chrome and Bloody Nose. For flashers the Madi, STS, Betsy have been very good lately. Spoons such as G-Force in the smaller sizes have been working as well.


Nice pair of springs! 18 and 26lbs, caught on anchovies.


Pedder Bay                                      September 30, 2014

Coho fishing has been GOOD way out in the strait near the US border. Out in the strait the fish have been between 90 – 160 depths. Spring salmon fishing was FAIR both in the Pedder Bay and in Whirl Bay, just like last week. The springs are mostly between 8 to 20 lbs in size.  Many of the springs are being caught between 100 to 120 feet on the downrigger at the mouth of Pedder Bay. Anchovies were productive for springs with Chrome Joanne, UV Green and Purple Haze teaser heads being top choices in teaser heads. Anglers are getting coho while trolling 3.5” spoons. Coho Killers and G-force spoons with both glow and green have been working the best. Squirts are working too with UV colors like the Jellyfish, Purple Haze and Electric Chair the best patterns. The best flashers have been the Silver Betsey, Green/Silver Hot Spot and Purple Haze.

Halibut – Halibut fishing was EXCELLENT over the weekend. We also heard that there weren’t as many dogfish around. Anglers that were fishing were using extra large herring, salmon bellies, mackerel and/or octopus for bait. Berkley Gulp and Powerbait soft plastics also work very well. You can also use a large spoon fished off a spreader bar, Mudraker or Lucky Jigs or other large Jigs if you want to stay away from the dogfish.


Victoria/Sydney, BC:

September 30, 2014

Victoria Waterfront                         September 30, 2014

Fishing has been SLOW off Victoria. Some coho salmon have been caught, but most boats are heading towards Race Rocks and out in the straight to try and find fish. Some feeder springs have been caught out at Constance Bank. The better springs that were getting caught were close to the bottom and biting most frequently on the tide change. That said, some sprigs have been taken as shallow as 25 feet on the downrigger. Most anglers fishing Constance are using artificial lures, usually Coho Killers (golden nugget or green/glow). G-Force spoons in Outfitters or Irish Cream colors. Good choices in plastic baits are the Electric Chair, Purple Haze and the Glo Below. Gibbs Coho Killer, Kingfisher and Coyote spoons in all colours have been very effective. Closer in, anchovies are the best choice with green, Purple Haze or Bloody Nose popular choices. Good flashers have been the Green Onion and the HOT SPOT Silver Fever.


Teddy Jenner with a 16lb spring caught in the tide lines fishing for coho!

Halibut – Halibut fishing was EXCELLENT this past week out at Constance Bank. Anglers are using extra large herring, mackerel, salmon bellies and/or octopus for bait with octopus being the most productive bait this past weekend. Berkley Gulp and Powerbait soft plastics also work very well. You can also use a large spoon fished off a spreader bar, Mudraker or Lucky Jigs or other large Jigs if you want to stay away from the dogfish.

Oak Bay
                                            September 30, 2014

Salmon fishing was SLOW for those trolling out on the Flats and in the Gap.  There were some springs and coho caught this past week, but not lots of them. Most anglers were trolling this past week.  Anglers were using squirts, spoons, or tiny strip. The fish that were being caught trolling were caught on Coho Killer spoons and 3” to 4” G-Force & Gypsy spoons. Good squirts were the Electric Chair, Pickle Green, J-79 and Jellyfish. Good flashers have been the Purple Onion, Green/silver or Green Jellyfish.

Halibut – Halibut fishing was EXCELLENT this past week. Anglers are using extra large herring, salmon bellies and/or octopus for bait with octopus. Berkley Gulp and Powerbait soft plastics also work very well. You can also use a large spoon fished off a spreader bar, Mudraker or Lucky Jigs or other large Jigs if you want to stay away from the dogfish.


Sidney                                              September 30, 2014
Salmon fishing was GOOD near Sidney this past week. Some springs and coho have been caught near the Pender Island Bluffs. Hambley Point has slowed down for springs. Many anglers are fishing for springs using anchovies in UV Green teaser heads. We’ve heard that the channel has a lot of smaller, undersize chinooks holding in the deeper water, but no good keepers. Squirts have been out producing hootchies recently and the hot patterns for springs now are Purple Haze, Glow Below and Electric Chair. Coho Killer spoons have also been working well, especially in double glow and 50/50 colors. Bob Bentham caught this 30.2 lb spring in Sidney on his 70th birthday while fishing with his sons. He caught the fish early in the morning on anchovy with a purple haze teaser head and a Gibbs green Madi flasher.  Trevor Gains caught a nice 41lb Halibut on a mackerel off Zero Rock.
Notable Catches 
Teddy Jenner with a 16lb spring caught in the tide lines fishing for coho.


If you are preparing your river fishing gear, go over the line and check for any abrasions in the line and replace as necessary. Salmon put a lot of strain on gear and you don’t want to lose that fish that could make the day!



Submitted by Tom Vaida Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969 info@fishingvictoria.com; www.fishingvictoria.com



Fishing is PICKING UP on most lakes in the South Island area as the temperature cools. Remember that ALL wild trout must be released on all streams in region 1. Wild rainbows and cutthroats over 50 cm must be released in Cowichan Lake. On a good note we finally got some rain which brought the levels up in most rivers. The lower reaches of the Cowichan River have been closed to all recreational uses until further notice.

COWICHAN RIVER – Water levels on the river are very low. With the little bit of rain we had it went from .250 – .355 and is dropping again. Hopefully it continues to rise in the next couple weeks. The lower reaches of the Cowichan River have been closed to all recreational uses until further notice. The trout fishing in the mid and upper river is good to excellent, especially very early in the morning and late in the day, but it really stresses the fish to catch and release them. Most anglers are staying off the river so as to not stress the trout until the water cools down and rises some.

TROUT –  Trout fishing was FAIR to GOOD on most lakes in the South Island area this past week.

Bank anglers are catching trout on Powerbait, Gulp Eggs, or worms while fishing from shore and right on the bottom. Yellow and Bubblegum have been good colours recently for Powerbait. Fly anglers are fishing Pumpkinheads, Wooly Buggers, Leeches and Micro Leech patterns on full sink fly lines. Chironimid patterns have had some action in Langford Lake fished on full sink lines in 35-45 feet of water. Trollers have been doing well with a variety of lures. The Rhys Davis Baitrix Trout lures and UV Mini Strip Teasers work well for larger fish too. Other good trolling lures are the Apex Trout Killers with the police car one of the best and the black with silver glitter spots taking second place. Flatfish and/or Kwikfish have also been effective in sizes 5 to 7 in Frog, Black with Silver Flake or Rainbow Pattern. Smaller Rapalas in Rainbow Trout or Brown Trout patterns also work well; the jointed Rapalas have also been great for larger fish. Larger Willow Leaf Lake trolls with a size 6 hook tipped with a small 1-2″ piece of worm always produce fish. The biggest trout usually come from Langford Lake and Elk Lake.

BASSBass fishing is GOOD. At this time of year the bass are shallow in the mornings and evenings.. There have been good reports of early morning fishing with spinner baits in Chartreuse, White and Black.  During the day, soft plastics rigged Carolina style work well and crank baits can work well too. Crank baits have been effective too when fished with a fast retrieve. Soft plastics rigged “Carolina Style “is also a good choice when fishing drop offs and docks, most productive in 4” Yum bait colors Smoke or Pumpkinseed. Surface lures have been producing well in the evenings and mornings. Langford Lake, Shawnigan Lake, Prospect Lake and Elk and Beaver Lakes are the best local bass lakes. St. Mary’s Lake on Salt Spring Island is also a great lake for bass fishing.

CARP – Carp fishing is Slower at Elk Lake. Corn and carp Boilies have been the best bait recently.

Submitted by Tom Vaida, Island Outfitters, 3319 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC (250) 475-4969 info@fishingvictoria.com; www.fishingvictoria.com

Vancouver Island - North

Milbanke Sound, BC                        September 30, 2014

No report this week

Their website is westsportfishing.com or phone 1855.825.9378.
Submitted by Don Dybeck Port Townsend, WA

Nootka Sound

September 30, 2014



No report this week


Winter Harbour, BC

September 30, 2014


No report this week

Queen Charlotte Islands

September 30, 2014

No report this week





 Oregon Coast

September 30, 2014

No report this week





September 30, 2014

No report this week


Petersburg, Alaska

September 30, 2014


No report this week



September 30, 2014


No report this week





 Great Lakes

September 30, 2014


Chinooks, Lake and Rainbow Trout Milwaukee!

Harbor Chinook are coming on Vulcan Magnum combinations of green/silver, all silver and blue/silver. My first choice is first light with magnum glow spoons. The Reaper or Vulcan glow spoons best when run 100 feet behind the downrigger ball and 6 feet down.

Lake Trout
Cold water is in and action out deep is slow. Try long lead spoons and SWR rigs. High lead cores are also a good choice. Best action has been 30 feet and out to 70 feet

Rainbows are reliable.
Run 2,3,4,5,6 color lead cores with orange, red or green spoons. Best action in 100 to 200 feet of water.

Good numbers of fish have moved in. Cold water has driven the fish to shallow water. They can be caught on high presentations. Fish the entire water column in 25 to 60 feet of water for the best action. Our best speed was 2.0 to 2.2 mph measured at the ball with the Depth Raider.
Have a great fishing season.

Submitted by Capt. Jim Hirt (Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI) 414-828-1094 www.bluemaxcharters.com





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