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Thatcher Pass


A short run from the Washington Park Boat Launch in Anacortes is Thatcher Pass. The Washington State Ferries run through this on their way to and from the San Juan Islands.

Thatcher Pass is one of the better spots for Winter Blackmouth. Located between Blakely Island on the north and Decatur Island on the south. Thatcher Pass gets a good mixture of currents that will hold bait, thus attracting Blackmouth.

Area 1 is best fished trolling from Fauntleroy Point into the pass. When you reach the first of those houses on the north shore of Decatur a reef comes up quite quickly. Make a hard right turn and parallel the reef. Blackmouth and bait will hold along the face of the reef. After you have trolled around the face of the reef, run back down to Fauntleroy Point and repeat your troll.

Start your first pass at 100' deep, the second at 125' deep and the third at 150' deep. No fish? - move somewhere else.

Moochers or jiggers of course can sit on top of the reef and drift off on either tide, drifting down the face of it.

Area 2 After you go west past the cable crossing area and the piles, once again you have reached a good holding area for bait and fish. Watch the bottom contour closely if you are trolling as it goes up and down quickly.

Area 3 A nice troll area from a mile above Frost Island to just below Frost. Not a Hotspot, but you can catch the occasional Blackmouth in this area.

Area 4 A fair Halibut area around Black Rock in the early spring. An excellent spot for Chinook and Coho during the summer season. Chinook and Coho migrating to the Fraser River will pass through this area. Chinook tend to stay in the 90' to 100' depths. Coho could be close in or further out. The schools of Coho will often show themselves by jumping and splashing the top of the water.

Be careful when downrigger fishing as the bottom comes up and down very quickly and it is rocky and grabby.

The best troll in summer time is from the Lawson Rock area to Black Rock. Watch the Bottom!